Short Time Operating Reserve (STOR) schemes are used to balance the supply and demand of electricity on short timescales.


STOR schemes are widely implemented in the UK National Grid to access sources of extra power generated by local generation plants to deal with increased demand and to prevent blackouts. The minimum MW capability of a STOR plant normally based on power generation from fossil fuels or natural gas & renewables, is 3MW.

STOR scheme is an essential component in the UK National Grid, which must enable short-term fluctuations in demand promptly and efficiently.

Why Tavrida Electric?

In partnership with our UK partner Switchgear Support Ltd, we have considerable knowledge and experience in the application of STOR schemes and are able to provide a complete supply, delivery, installation and system commissioning service for any generation scheme.

Technology benefits:

  • SF6 –free design is perfectly suited for STOR plants based on renewable and ecological energy helping to contribute to environmental sustainability
  • Vacuum circuit breaker enables extremely high numbers of operations up to 100.000 cycles without maintenance
  • Fast transfer technology allows STOR providers to respond quickly and minimize downtime

Our projects

Warrington STOR, Edina UK Ltd.

Aldon Road STOR, Edina UK Ltd.